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YGP Events (You Get Paid Events) are designed to help you build your own 7-figure business and get paid! Our talented coaches have operated dozens of their own companies and brought in 10s of millions of dollars over the last decade.


Think you aren’t an entrepreneur? THINK AGAIN.

At this FREE “You Get Paid” event, you’ll uncover the secrets to creating life-changing wealth online...

Our turnkey approach ELIMINATES THE EXCUSES and every single reason you think you can’t start a successful online business.

  • YOU can make money online
  • YOU can launch a successful internet-based business
  • YOU can do it all on your terms

And when you do, YOU GET PAID and achieve
the FINANCIAL FREEDOM you’ve always craved.

These attendees are building successful online businesses.
See what they have to say about YOU GET PAID!


Income Secrets

Learn the secrets of today’s seven-figure online entrepreneurs.
They’re the doers and dreamers who have created massive wealth and endless financial freedom—because they know something you don’t. But we’re turning the tables once and for all. We’re digging into the secrets, the strategies, and the proven tactics behind their success. If you’ve got passion and purpose, we’ll help you connect the dots and build your best life—a life where YOU GET PAID on your terms.

01. Full-Time Income

Create consistent FULL-TIME INCOME with a part-time commitment

02. Harness the Internet

Learn how YOU GET PAID by harnessing the power of the internet


03.No Sales Experience

NO sales or marketing experience is required!

04.Attain Financial Freedom

Gain TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM and ditch the 9-5 grind for good

YGP Events


World's Top Business Coaching to Get You Paid Online

Learn the SECRETS to Creating Lifelong WEALTH ONLINE!
In our FREE 2 HOUR WORKSHOP, Discover How To Launch and Grow YOUR Online Business With NO EXPERIENCE and NO CAPITAL!

Welcome Plan

Internet Millionaires Know Something YOU DON’T, And When You Discover Their Secrets, YOU GET PAID.



It’s the same system countless online entrepreneurs have used to build and grow their businesses, and drive MASSIVE wealth in the process.


Learn the SECRETS of Internet Millionaires with this FREE 2-HOUR WORKSHOP.
YOU GET PAID For Doing What YOU Love—No Experience & No Capital Needed RESERVE MY TICKET!

Welcome Plan


Entrepreneurs have more opportunity than EVER thanks to one thing: the internet. More and more online businesses are making millions—and now it’s YOUR TURN.

About the events

Discover the seven-figure secrets

Discover the seven-figure secrets to their massive success at this FREE 2-HOUR WORKSHOP.

Learn the secrets of million-dollar entrepreneurs, who have made their fortunes 100% ONLINE.

Gain the inside scoop on launching a seven-figure business with NO EXPERIENCE and NO CAPITAL.

Start making FULL-TIME MONEY in your SPARE TIME, and finally discover the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

Live your BEST LIFE by building a thriving online business that makes money even when you’re asleep!

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About the events

At this interactive workshop, we’ll cover:

Marketing tactics and strategies to maximize lead generation and high-value conversions so YOU GET PAID.

The art and science of social media, and how to engage and activate YOUR network—and drive millions in the process.

Why informational products is a billion-dollar business, plus tactics for successfully promoting this powerhouse niche.

The secret to creating MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS from one online business so YOU GET PAID even more.


As a THANK YOU for attending this FREE WORKSHOP, you’ll get our exclusive QUICK START GUIDE. This hands-on guide takes you through our ENTIRE system, helping you launch and grow your business, and make MASSIVE PROFITS from day one. Get yours so YOU GET PAID even faster—and generate even more commissions.



Succeed In Business

  • "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
  • "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."
  • "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."
Which are you?

4 Types of Entrepreneurs

A desire to build highly scalable companies rapidly. When this trait is high in an entrepreneur, they surpass the $5 million revenue mark within just 2-4 years and continue to rise to upwards of $100 million. The "builder" measures their success through one key aspect: infrastructure. This is what drives their business strategy and they are not simply satisfied with a specific income or contributing to the global community. They show a strong skillset at recruiting talent, pitching investors and acquiring a loyal customer base.
A great example of the Opportunist would be Richard Branson. The key traits are incredible optimist and mastery of self-promotion. They are focused on marketing pitches and sales and are all about finding unique time-sensitive revenue opportunities. They're impulsive and skilled at knowing when to get in, and when to get out of a play. Opportunists gauge their success based on their current or projected revenue, so opportunities with residual revenue are especially appealing.
Specialists are the experts of our planet. This trait is activated after they've completed years of in-depth education and training, driving their business decisions and actions. This entrepreneur type is very analytical and likes to minimize risk. They are also not very keen on sales, so most of their new business comes from referrals and their professional network of contacts. They measure success relative to their direct income. Their companies grow well at the startup and early phases, but when their personal revenue hits their targets they change direction and begin to focus on customer service, resulting in most of their businesses plateauing under $5 million.
Innovators are the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs of our age. They usually start with doing something that they love, when a business opportunity presents itself. In their business, their innovations are the focus of their attention, so they spend a lot of their time constantly reworking and tinkering with their designs. They find the actual day to day business operations daunting. Success is measured by the impact that their innovation or invention is having on the world around them. Their innovations and their impact are more important to them than money, and this entrepreneur type owns most of the patents and intellectual property out there.
Frequently Asked Questions


My workshops are just two hours long—but we pack a lot of great content and strategies into those two hours!
Workshops are hosted by some of the very best entrepreneurs and innovators in the space. You’ll learn from top instructors who are hand-selected by Russell and his team. Each has launched at least one very successful online business using our exclusive system. And, now, they’re here to share their hands-on experience and insights with YOU.
YES! Workshops are 100% free.
Register ASAP. Russell Whitney workshops are incredibly popular and WILL “sell out.” To ensure you’ve got a spot, register as soon as possible.
Bring a notebook, a pen or pencil and, most importantly, an open mind. We’re going to talk through a lot of industry-tested tips, tricks, and tactics, and we want to be sure you’re 1) taking it all in and 2) have great notes to refer back to after the workshop.
Absolutely! Our workshops are even better when you’ve got someone to share the experience with. Just be sure your guest(s) register online before the event. Again, space is limited!
You aren’t obligated to purchase anything at our workshops. Just for attending, we’ll give you our QUICK START GUIDE absolutely FREE. This comprehensive walk-through includes everything you need to get your online business off the ground. If you decide to purchase additional educational or support products at the workshop, our team will be onsite to help you choose the packages that are right for you and your business.
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Succeed In Business

  • "All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."
  • "Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning."
  • "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus."
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All attendees leave the event with a copy of our exclusive QUICK START GUIDE, designed to get you up and running in days. Get insider intel, plus a deep dive into launching and scaling a seven-figure online business so YOU GET PAID even faster—and earn even more.

*or equivalent tablet/prize. Prize awarded to one attendee.

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