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About Us

About YGP Events

At YGP Events inspiring and educating entrepreneurs from new to veteran is our passion. Started by a group of entrepreneurs who found that the education opportunities available never quite fit, YGP Events became a company with one mission: to provide business owners with the skills, resources, and strategies they need to launch and scale their business successfully. To learn more about us, watch the video above or attend one of our live training workshops.

YGP Events has in-person and Online workshops, classes, courses, and web development opportunities to help business owners of all skill levels. We are proud to make our training available in many formats to suit your specific learning needs.

Meet The Team

Learn more about our team at YGP Events below.

Who we are?

YGP Events was created as a way to provide higher-level business training, strategies, and services to business owners of all skill levels. In today’s age it’s become increasing difficult to get the right information on how to launch and scale a profitable business from scratch. At YGP Events we work with the top experts of industry in many wealth building fields such as eCommerce, Real Estate, Online Marketing, and much more!

What we do?

We host information-packed in-person and Online workshops to teach business owners cutting-edge technology on how to launch and scale a profitable business. At YGP Events we cater to all learning styles, which is why we provide in-person workshops, Online webinars, 1-on-1 Coaching, and also an extensive list of done-for-you web development and website design services.

Have You Attended One of Our Workshops?

We host information-packed workshops in most major cities around the globe. Attend today!

Join us for a live workshop in many cities around the globe. These fun, fast-paced and information-packed sessions will show you the fundamentals of starting and scaling a business. At the workshop you’ll learn strategies and techniques to help start or grow your business. You will also get the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded business owners and create strategic partnerships to help you in your business endeavors.